Leadership and Resiliency

What is the Do Edaezhe Program?

Do Edaezhe is a new program in Yellowknife Catholic Schools. It is strength based and focuses on developing leadership, positive relationships, goal setting and increasing coping skills within each student. “Do Edaezhe” is a Dogrib expression describing a person who is capable, skillful and knowledgeable; a person who has the skills they need to survive in the world in the traditional Dene sense.

This district-wide project builds upon this idea and works with youth to identify and recognize their strengths and abilities through targeted counseling, mentorship, and leadership opportunities including key cultural experiences which will allow youth to explore Dene cultural heritage and traditions and volunteer opportunities within the community.

At the high school level Do Edaezhe follows the Leadership and Resiliency Program, a National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) model program. The program for the elementary level was developed over the 2009-2010 school year.

How Does It Work?

Resiliency Groups

Do Edaezhe is a program where participants attend weekly resiliency groups led by a facilitator. During these classes, students will look at many issues that are faced by today's youth. The resiliency group becomes a safe place where students are able to build on their individual strengths to develop positive relationships, effective coping strategies and goal setting skills.

Alternative Adventure & Cultural Activities

Students are also engaged in monthly alternative adventure or cultural activities. These may include winter camps, art projects, tree tapping, muskrat hunting, traditional games, etc. They will explore positive risk taking while learning to respect that land and learn new skills.

Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning is the final component of Do Edaezhe. Once a month, students have the opportunity to work at various local organizations and become active members in community-based projects. This may include working with the elderly, animals, or other members of the community. Students are encouraged to expand their community networks and develop their leadership skills.

Who Can Participate

The Do Edaezhe program is created for students that have been identified as having potential leadership skills that should be encouraged and developed.

Students are supported to build upon the positive influences and circumstances in their lives. Students are also taught to recognize risk factors such as drug, substance abuse or crime that could have negative influences on their lives.