Religion 9 - The purpose of this course is to assist students in understanding both the joy and the demands of following in the way of Christ and living out the faith that our community professes in the Creed. Using the Beatitudes as a touchstone, students are invited to examine the attitudes and actions that characterize the Christian life. They are encouraged to understand and nurture within themselves the virtues which will enable them to deepen their relationship with God in and through Christ in the context of a Spirit-filled community.

Religion 15 - Religion 15 is a World Religions course designed to explore the various manifestations of humanity's response to the mystery of life's meaning. It introduces students to the answers given by the major faith traditions to those compelling questions concerning the spiritual dimension of human experience and the life wisdom found in their responses. Its purpose, then, is to familiarize students with the language of religious discourse and develop an awareness of the place and function of religion in the human experience. It provides an opportunity for discussion and awakens recognition of the challenge and practical consequences religious belief has for its adherents. For some, this exploration can lead to a more authentic adherence to their religious tradition and a deeper commitment to the Catholic faith. For others, it can help break down prejudice and misconceptions about other religious traditions. And for others still, this search for answers to life's meaning which is common among all religious worldviews can strengthen and affirm the student's own search at this particular stage in their life journey.

Religion 25/Career and Life Management - Religion 25 is designed as a progression from Religion 15, and is integrated with the CALM 20 program. Religion 25 explores various social justice issues to enable the students to better understand the world they will be entering after they complete high school. The aim of CALM is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and others, now and in the future.

Religion 35 - Creating a Christian Lifestyle, is designed to aid students in facing the challenges of young adulthood so that they can shape a future that is hopeful, healthy, and full. Young adulthood is an important transitional period in every person's life. The underlying premise of the course is that a Christian lifestyle is an optimal way to grow and to be fully alive. Students will explore and develop methods of coping with the opportunities, challenges, and developmental tasks facing them in young adulthood. As students better understand themselves and the rich possibilities of life according to Christ, they will value their own person hood more deeply and realize God's love for them. Once empowered with this new understanding, students will be able to love others more fully and will seek peace and justice as part of their lifestyle.